Self Storage Pricing: Go Big or Go Small?

Self Storage Big or Small Pricing

Self-storage facilities, at first glance, all appear to be the same. The have similar storage units, both within a facility, and between competing facilities. You would think, then, pricing for those units would be similar as well. Interestingly, we have found that there can be differences, and in fact, big differences when it comes to…

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A Refresh And A Big Thank You

A Refresh And A Big Thanks

Veritec Solutions is happy to announce a refresh of our industry-leading self-storage revenue management solution, VRMS, with an updated log-in page, a new color scheme, an exciting new competitor mapping feature*, along with a variety of other updates. This is another way of saying a big “Thank You!” to all our clients, industry colleagues and…

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Veritec Solutions and SSAA

Veritec Solutions and Self Storage Association Asia

We are pleased to announce that Warren Lieberman, President of Veritec Solutions, will be giving an introductory presentation to the members of the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA)! Warren will be presenting to SSAA members on February 23rd at 11AM, Hong Kong Time. SSAA’s mission is to help grow and preserve Asia region’s self-storage businesses.…

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