Use with Caution: Gross Potential Revenue

GPR Disadvantages: Use With Caution

In the self-storage industry, the metric Gross Potential Revenue (GRP) is both widely and traditionally used for investment decisions. For some self-storage operators, GPR is also for pricing decisions. When it does, revenue and profits are likely reduced. We think GPR is outdated and misleading, except for a very narrow set of uses.

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The Power of Data: The Move-In Move-Out Equilibrium, or Conundrum?

The Power of Data - Move-In Move-Out Equilibrium or Conundrum

We continue in our series of blogs on the power of data. We looked in the past at new customer move-ins and existing customer move-outs revenue per square foot. As there is a certain equilibrium between new customer move-ins and existing customer move-outs, we now look at the two key performance indices (KPIs) together, along with existing customer revenue per square foot.

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The Power of Data: What About Customer Move-Outs?

The Power of Data - What About Move-Outs

In a previous blog, we talked about understanding new customer move-ins. But what about existing customer move-outs? This “flip side” key performance index (KPI) is equally important to understand, because it is about losing customers as they decide to move out. Analyzing the same data as before, we are looking at a self-storage operator who…

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